Papers, Presentations, and Posters

Here are some of the things I’ve written, presented, and worked on.


  • “State of the HPC Centers Panel” (Great Plains Network Annual Meeting 2013) with Dana Brunson, John Matrow, Jeff Pummill, David Swanson, Daniel Andresen
  • “Supercomputing” (PDF Slides) (Tulsa Community College Science Seminar Series)
  • “Tandy Supercomputing Center” (PDF Slides) (Oklahoma Supercomputing Symposium 2013)
  • “How Your Computer Can Ruin Your Life and Literally Kill You Dead” (PDF slides) (Video on YouTube) (Ignite Tulsa 3)
  • Introduction to the Kerberos Protocol (PDF slides) (presentation for Secure Systems Administration course)
  • Overview of Sarbanes-Oxley Act Consequences for Information Systems (PDF slides) (presentation for Risk Management in Information Systems course) (Note: FEF v. PCAOB has been resolved; SEC’s statement regarding the decision is here)
  • “Towards Formal Analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems” (PDF slides) (presentation at 2010 University of Tulsa Student Research Colloquium, Computer Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Special Topic Symposium)
  • “Information Without Boundaries: Breaching the Great Firewall of China” (PDF slides) (presentation at 2009 AAAS-SWARM meeting & University of Tulsa Student Research Colloquium)
  • “Hack Like the Movie Stars: A Big-Screen Multitouch Network Monitor” (DEFCON Link) (presentation at DEFCON 17, with Cody Pollet)

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

  • “Hybrid Extensions for Stateful Attack Graphs” (Extended abstract reviewed; to be presented at CISRC 2014) by George Louthan, Michael Haney, Phoebe Hardwicke, Peter Hawrylak, and John Hale
  • “Toward Hybrid Attack Dependency Graphs” (Extended abstract reviewed; presented at CSIIRW 2011) by George Louthan, Phoebe Hardwicke, Peter Hawrylak, and John Hale (PDF)
  • “Attack Graphs and Scenario Driven Wireless Computer Network Defense” (Book chapter in Situational Awareness in Computer Network Defense: Principles, Methods and Applications, edited by Cyril Onwubiko and Thomas Owens) by Peter J. Hawrylak, George Louthan IV, Jeremy Daily, John Hale and Mauricio Papa (Book page)
  • “The Blunderdome: An Offensive Exercise for Building Network, Systems, and Web Security Awareness” (CSET 2010 at the 19th USENIX Security Symposium) by George Louthan, Warren Roberts, Matthew Butler, and John Hale (PDF)
  • “Toward Sensitive Information Redaction in a Collaborative, Multilevel Security Environment” (WikiSym 2010) by Peter Gehres, Nathan Singleton, George Louthan, and John Hale (PDF)
  • “Toward Robust and Extensible Network Protocol Identification” (WORLDCOMP / ICOMP 2009) by George Louthan, Collin McMillan, Christopher Johnson, and John Hale (PDF)
  • “Content-based Alternatives to Conventional Network Monitoring Systems” (Extended abstract reviewed; presented at CSIIRW 2009) by George Louthan, Brady Deetz, Matthew Walker, and John Hale


  • Hybrid Attack Graphs for Modeling Cyber-Physical Systems by George Louthan (PDF)


  • “Tandy Supercomputing Center” (PDF) (Poster at GPN 2013)
  • “Risk Metric for Attack Dependency Graphs” (Poster at CSIIRW 2011) by Zach Harbort, George Louthan, and John Hale.
  • “Techniques for Attack Graph Visualization and Interaction” (Poster at CSIIRW 2011) by Christopher Hartney, George Louthan, and John Hale.
  • “SAND: An Architecture for Signature-based Automatic Network Protocol Detection” (PDF) (poster at 18th USENIX Security Symposium)
  • “Large-scale Multitouch Interactive Network Visualization” (PDF) (poster at 18th USENIX Security Symposium, with Cody Pollet)