About Me

I like to play with things. I like to make things. I like to read and write things. I’m interested in how things interact with other things. I make and listen to music. I believe in the pursuit of happiness.

My name is George Louthan; I’m a maker, hacker, computer geek. I hold a MS in computer science from the University of Tulsa’s Institute for Information Security. My academic research interests have touched information security, network security, natural user interfaces, and formal methods. Now I’m responsible for the Oklahoma Innovation Institute‘s supercomputing initiative, the Tandy Supercomputing Center. We provide high performance computing resources (CPU cycles and human cycles) to the Tulsa area.

I’ve built a network monitor, a multitouch coffee table, two different kegerators, and I’ve worked on projects for vulnerability analysis, evading government Internet censorship (PDF), managing civilian disaster response, and recommending where to eat lunch (It didn’t work out). In 2014 I was honored by the Tulsa Business and Legal News as one of the 2014 Tulsa 40. For the last five years I’ve been involved with the organization of Queercon, the LGBT community event at DEF CON, where I work on Queercon’s electronic badges.

I tweet here. This is my Facebook. And if you’re feeling businesslike, this is my somewhat neglected LinkedIn.